Managing Fatigue in Powerlifting

  Written by: Kevin Cann     As a coach one of our biggest jobs is managing fatigue with lifters.  Fatigue seems to have this very negative perception with lifters and coaches.  Fatigue is not necessarily a bad thing.  We actually probably need it to get stronger.   Powerlifting is a very unique sport in … Continue reading Managing Fatigue in Powerlifting

Understanding Acute Fatigue….Or Not

  Written By: Kevin Cann   I had a very good conversation with Quinn Henoch about acute fatigue.  I then posed this same question and had this same discussion with Mike Amato of Barbell Medicine.  I feel sharing some of these thoughts will be entertaining at the least.   The question that Quinn asked me … Continue reading Understanding Acute Fatigue….Or Not

You Are Not Overtraining: Unless You Believe You Are

  Written by: Kevin Cann   I put up a very quick post about this yesterday and it garnished a bit of attention.  Due to that attention, I want to write it all out for a better understanding since we should not just be quoting Instagram.   I have always struggled to understand overtraining in … Continue reading You Are Not Overtraining: Unless You Believe You Are

Fatigue: What Do We Really Know?

Written by: Kevin Cann   There is an old saying “The more I learn the less I know.”  I think this statement misses the mark quite a bit.  To be honest, the more I learned, the more I thought I knew.  If you truly want to know something you need to be observant.   Observing … Continue reading Fatigue: What Do We Really Know?