The Dichotomies of Training Intensities

Written by: Kevin Cann When I first started coaching, this was the area of programming that interested me the most.  I think that it interested me the most, because the biggest question that I think every coach has is “Where do I start?” I was always confused as where to start for volumes and intensities.  We have … Continue reading The Dichotomies of Training Intensities

A Thought Process vs a Program

  Written by: Kevin Cann   John Flagg actually said this to me a couple of weeks ago.  He said that certain coaches give you a thought process.  Some of these coaches would include Louie Simmons, Boris Sheiko, and Mike T.  I thought this was a very good point and really thought about it for … Continue reading A Thought Process vs a Program

Managing Fatigue in Powerlifting

  Written by: Kevin Cann     As a coach one of our biggest jobs is managing fatigue with lifters.  Fatigue seems to have this very negative perception with lifters and coaches.  Fatigue is not necessarily a bad thing.  We actually probably need it to get stronger.   Powerlifting is a very unique sport in … Continue reading Managing Fatigue in Powerlifting

Is the Body 650 Muscles or 1 Muscle?

Written by: Kevin Cann   This is a question every coach should think about for a minute.  It is kind of fun, and perhaps not so black and white.  Science tends to reduce complex systems into its parts and make some giant assumptions that the sum of those parts equals the whole.   This reductionist … Continue reading Is the Body 650 Muscles or 1 Muscle?