Precision Powerlifting Systems is based out of Boston, Mass. Head Coach Kevin Cann leads the team through individualized programming leading up to local, regional, national, and international level powerlifting meets.

Kevin is dedicated to his work. He is a trustworthy and reliable coach with a sharp sense of humor. His coaching style is very straightforward; no frills. His attention to technique was evident from day one — and that is really important to me!

Kevin’s coaching has taken me from a complete beginner to someone who is starting to hit their stride in the gym (and feel very strong). With one eye always looking to the future, I know Kevin will continue to advance my goal to get as strong as possible. I would recommend him as a powerlifting coach to anyone who is ready to put in the work!


Valerie Walker

I’ve been working with Kevin for about 16 months now and just have to say thank you for everything that he has done for me as a lifter. Working with Kevin and his Sheiko programming has brought consistency to my lifts and confidence to me as a person. I’ve traveled to nationals for the first time and competed with and against some of the best lifters in the country, and am planning my first trip to the Arnold. With the way we train, I know every time I step under the bar I am prepared and ready.

And while I love having Kevin as my coach, the best part of training with him is being a part of the PPS team. Powerlifting is inherently an individual sport – but PPS has developed into a tight-knit group of lifters who constantly support each other, go to meets together, and are just honestly good friends. We are working professionals who are also competitive lifters, and working together to be strong on the platform and in life.

Kerry Sachs

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