Why Bands and Chains are Necessary for Strength Development

Written by: Kevin Cann I have been seeing a lot of posts on social media that highlight the idea that you do not need bands or chains to get strong.  They will point to many people that do not use them that have elite totals in powerlifting as proof.  They will also argue that bands and chains … Continue reading Why Bands and Chains are Necessary for Strength Development

6 Weeks of a Westside Template Program

Written by: Kevin Cann About a month ago I decided to switch up my training a bit.  I was getting burnt-out coaching.  I do not think people realize how difficult this can be sometimes.  You shoulder the burdens of an entire team.  This can weigh heavily on you at times. My training had been going poorly for quite some … Continue reading 6 Weeks of a Westside Template Program

Coach People, Not Lifts

Written by: Kevin Cann This was an important realization for me, to coach the person and not the lifts.  At some point everyone will hit a period of stagnation.  This is inevitable.  The key to overcoming these periods of stagnation is in understanding the person.  Of course, identifying weaknesses and all that is important, but in my experiences, it … Continue reading Coach People, Not Lifts

Building Success on the Platform

Written by: Kevin Cann It has been a while since I wrote a blog post.  I have been building out Strength School, an online classroom where coaches, lifters, and trainers can learn the fundamentals of strength development.  If interested that can be found here. Meets are starting to come at us quickly here and I feel it … Continue reading Building Success on the Platform

How History Was Used to Improve Our Programs

Written by: Kevin Cann Anders Ericcson was the researcher who came up with the idea of deliberate practice for skill development.  In his book he gave a quote tat stated, “Greatness is achieved by standing on the shoulders of giants.”  This was in relation to him saying that developing high level skill begins with seeing what the … Continue reading How History Was Used to Improve Our Programs