Speed Work and the Developmental Lifter

Written by: Kevin Cann There is a massive misunderstanding about speed work in general amongst lifters and coaches.  Anyone with an Instagram account can put out information these days and actual knowledge gets lost in the process.  The lack of education and experience amongst those that share this information is incredible, but that is a complaint for … Continue reading Speed Work and the Developmental Lifter

My Path To and Through Conjugate

Written by: Kevin Cann In the beginning I was against conjugate for raw lifters.  I would say the same things that the internet says today about conjugate.  Bands are only for equipped lifters.  Conjugate is for people on drugs, that is how they can max out every week.  It was my ignorance matched with trying to be one of … Continue reading My Path To and Through Conjugate

Speed Work is About Speed

Written by: Kevin Cann I am writing this to go along with my Instagram post, but just where I can use more words.  This is a conversation that I have continuously with the team, and I feel it is extremely important to understand. People get stuck on the narrative that we need to use the lifts … Continue reading Speed Work is About Speed

Body Only Knows Forces Not Weight

Written by: Kevin Cann This trend of hyper-specificity is a bit concerning because it is moving the sport backwards in our general knowledge of how strength is developed.  I do feel a lack of education is a major problem.  In places like Russia, their coaches are also sports scientists.  Here it is just someone with an Instagram account … Continue reading Body Only Knows Forces Not Weight

GPP and Long-Term Success

Written by: Kevin Cann The ideal model for the development of athletic skill is usually displayed as a pyramid with GPP (general physical preparedness) being the larger portion making up the base, SPP (Special physical preparedness) being right above, and then our competition specific training making the peak. This model was created by the Soviets … Continue reading GPP and Long-Term Success