Attractors, Distractors, and Cognitive Penetrability

Written by Kevin Cann   When I have explained a Dynamic Systems Theory (DST), I have mentioned the term attractors.  An attractor in a dynamic system is actually a mathematical model where the system always seems to end up at this numerical point regardless of the initial conditions.   When we look at skill acquisition … Continue reading Attractors, Distractors, and Cognitive Penetrability

Do You See a Rabbit or a Duck?

Written by: Kevin Cann   I was talking with Zak Gabor in the gym yesterday and we were discussing Thomas Kuhn’s “Structure of Scientific Revolutions.”  In one part of the book, Kuhn shows a picture.  What do you see, a rabbit or a duck?     Let us say that when you look at it, … Continue reading Do You See a Rabbit or a Duck?

My First Theory: Mechanical Stress and Perception

Written by: Kevin Cann   I started this coaching thing by mimicking my coach.  I was fortunate enough to have one of the greatest coaches in this sport at the time and for 3 years.  Over time my network grew, and my learning expanded.   My network includes other powerlifting coaches as well as physical … Continue reading My First Theory: Mechanical Stress and Perception

A Case Against Specificity

Written by: Kevin Cann   When I first started coaching the sport of powerlifting, I thought specificity was everything.  We did a lot of variations, but the variations would be in the competition stance with competition bar and hand placement, competition grip on the bench, and competition style deadlift.   AI would argue that this … Continue reading A Case Against Specificity