Is It Time to Move on From My Data?

Written by: Kevin Cann   I have written about my change of focus coaching over the past 5 or 6 months.  I have mentioned how I have way more questions than answers. This was a drastic shift in my thinking as I believed that I had more answers than questions before.   How could I not … Continue reading Is It Time to Move on From My Data?

Understanding the Irregularities of Powerlifting

  Written by: Kevin Cann   We all know plateaus happen in powerlifting.  It is something we take as expected.  We attempt to make some changes and we hope for the best.  Maybe this works, maybe it doesn’t.   I think oftentimes lifters change coaches at this point.  This tends to drive progress again.  This … Continue reading Understanding the Irregularities of Powerlifting

Coaching in Chaos: Embracing the Theoretical

Written by: Kevin Cann   There have been a few seemingly random incidents that have drawn me to write this article.  It started about a week ago when one of my lifters said she doesn’t like the idea of being a lab rat in an experiment. This was a good conversation even though it may not … Continue reading Coaching in Chaos: Embracing the Theoretical