The Importance of Skill Acquisition in Powerlifting

Written by Kevin Cann   USAPL Northeast Regionals just wrapped up this past weekend.  We had 18 lifters compete.  This meet was run very well with some very strict judging.  I loved this.  This was a great opportunity for some of the newer lifters to get a taste of what it is like to be … Continue reading The Importance of Skill Acquisition in Powerlifting

USAPL Northeast Regionals Recap

Written by: Kevin Cann   This past weekend was the first USAPL Northeast Regionals that we attended as Precision Powerlifting Systems.  Crazy to think that it has only been 7 months since we changed training facilities and have been our own entity.  Feels like it has been much longer than that.   With that said, … Continue reading USAPL Northeast Regionals Recap