How PPS is Going to Get Stronger in Quarantine

Written by: Kevin Cann


We sure as shit are in the middle of a global incident that will be remembered forever.  The only historical events that I can compare this to are 9/11 and the marathon bombings.  These are all moments in time that remind us that we are mere specs in a large universe and the universe is unforgiving.


In Massachusetts, where PPS resides, there have been mandates put into place that are closing all gyms as well as theaters, and places of worship.  Because I have this forum, I am going to give a little bit of my opinion on this.  Mainly because it is frustrating, and I want to say it out loud.


The disease does not seem to be very transmissible beyond coughing or sneezing while within 6 feet of someone.  There may be some evidence that we can get it from touching objects that were coughed or sneezed on and then touching our faces.  However, this is not the primary way that the virus is spread.  You cannot get it from sweat.


In 3 months there have been approximately 110,000 cases worldwide with around 4,000 deaths.  This is far lower than auto-mobile accidents over that period of time.  Also, far more cases are out there than what was reported because many people experience mild symptoms to no symptoms at all.


Working backwards from the death rate of .5% it seems as if as many as 2 million people may have been infected worldwide.  Again, most not even knowing it.  This would increase the rate of new cases a day to 10,000 or more.


The death toll seems to be dropping as it spreads globally.  The disease does not seem very transmissible without opportunity.  That opportunity comes in the form of a cruise ship, a 40,000 person potluck dinner, a church in Italy, and a meeting at Biogen.  Avoiding these large gatherings was an absolute must by our government.


The government banned large gatherings (started at over 250, then 25, now 10), disallowed food and beverage to be consumed in restaurants, cancelled all sporting events, sent college students home, and the majority of the American workforce that still has jobs is working from home.


Let’s say this cuts the infection rate down to 5% of Americans (I am making up this number).  Does forcing gym and church closings really drop this number anymore if they are abiding by social distancing and hygiene mandates?  Probably not at all.  Instead it removes places where people find hope, and comfort, and throws a lot of people in unemployment lines.


You can’t just say we expect x% of people to get infected and y% will need beds in hospitals.  You can’t base this off of data from other countries either.  This is the complexity of biology and human life; it can’t be simplified into a linear regression.  These predictions are always incorrect.


You can’t compare us to Italy because the initial conditions are different.  This changes the outcome of the predicted models.  I am no expert on the spread of disease, but this is just math.  I feel the government needs more advanced physicists in office.


This does not mean that you do not take in information from other countries.  This also does not mean that you just throw caution to the wind and do whatever you want.  I agree with the cancelling of large events, closing of schools, and working from home.  However, there is a point where more is not better, and the cost associated with forcing quarantines like 1918 is unnecessary.


I will stop there and get back to the original point of this article, how we are going to get stronger during this time.  We have some lifters that have home gym setups that have been nice enough to offer for some lifters to come over and at least do something.


Everyone will basically get the same 2 day program for now until things seem to be a bit more settled.  We are going to go fucking ham on these 2 days though.  Day 1 we will max out a squat and hit some lighter speed bench and day 2 we will max out a bench and pull.  This is not ideal, but we have to do what we have to do right now.


If we have limited access to actual weight to put on the bar we will add boxes, bands, chains, pauses, and even reps to get the intensity that we are looking for.  Some people have zero access to a gym.  This is obviously not ideal, but we can still get better.


Most powerlifters are unathletic as fuck.  We can learn to be more athletic for a few weeks.  Squat jumps are a good option.  Full depth explode out of the bottom as hard and fast as possible for sets of 3-5.  Short sprint acceleration work might transfer over well to a squat and deadlift.  They teach you how to get going all at once and to keep accelerating.


The motor unit recruitment for this work will be similar to that have heavy lifting a well.  We can at least increase our power, rate of force development, and rate coding in this situation.  The quarantine is for 3 weeks, fits nicely in a wave.  Coincidence?  Maybe.


I am going to take this time to really read up on a few things and try to get answers to some questions I have.  If I can’t be in the gym, I will be home learning.  I will share this knowledge with the group as well.  Knowledge is power (that pun worked great).

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